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Gay Stockholm, Sweden | The Fundamental LGBT Travel Guide!

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Gay Stockholm is a city of a captivating combination of contemporary development juxtapositions with old-world record, all served up in posh Scandinavian style. Most likely one particular available city worldwide, there’s a lot to love here – regardless the person you love.

For a city of only so many residents, Stockholm – and Sweden – is an amazingly important powerhouse of songs, layout, manner, and technology.

Along with its fist throughout the pulse of worldwide innovation and fashions, it’s no surprise companies like Spotify and H&M happened to be started here. Modern tactics are motivated here, now the environment we have found available to diversity and welcoming to any or all.

The result is Stockholm is one of the most liberal countries in this field in regards to LGBT+ liberties, so we were happily surprised by what number of cafes, resorts, taverns, restaurants, along with other spaces were explicitly gay-friendly.

There are several major draw notes to Stockholm, such as their interesting structure, first-class restaurants, fabulous shopping, and fashionable lifestyle – all while never ever getting too much from character. Here is the town where in fact the lake and water fulfill, in the end. Plus the society, the cafes will be the various other pillar of Stockholm existence.

Fika, the Swedish idea of a coffee and cake split, is more than merely some thing you will do – its a situation of head. Incorporate that at one of the numerous weird cafes right here, using some time over your own coffee-and a big cinnamon bun – and if you are making use of a
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, really: a nearby Swedes will truly appreciate the effort to appear your self in their tradition.

Frequently also known as the Gay Capital from the Nordics – a concept we believe just
could challenge – you will clearly end up being satisfied with just how open-minded individuals are here. Simply don’t anticipate to discover any homosexual areas in Stockholm; every person is welcome every where – although the majority of queer cafes, restaurants, and clubs tend to be present in hipster Södermalm and Gamla Stan (Old community).

Such a comprehensive urban area, it’s no surprise, however, that numerous in the LGBT+ area right here not any longer wish to hold out in ‘gay places’ might be found mixing and mingling across a diverse array of night life sites for the area – and now we recommend you follow their lead.

Trust all of us, such acceptance is liberating, to say the least, and we also desire the entire world maybe just like this. Better still general public programs of affection are completely acceptable, so you can feel really capable express the love however desire.

Taking, beautiful, modern. interesting and great queer: what is actually to not ever love about Gay Stockholm. As well as those sweet Swedish kids, argh, well … Gimme, gimme, gimme men after midnight (or at any time of time, to be truthful – our company isn’t particular).

Here we are going to include…

Tourist attractions in Gay Stockholm

If we understand a factor about Stockholm, it’s that it is cool as hell. And not only temperature-wise (although all you’ve found out about Scandinavian winter seasons does work), but cool in everything it has to provide. Cool culture, cool folks, cool cafes and bars. And even though this is really true, Stockholm additionally it is welcoming, fun, powerful and constantly fascinating.

Whether you’re into gallery-ing, partying, eating or all of the above, you will discover one thing to love in Stockholm. Among the list of attractive traditional streets on the city, you will find many galleries and galleries housing Viking treasures, modern art, Abba souvenirs, and concept parts.

Naturally, getting gay does not establish which interest a lot of us may wish to see in each area, & most queer tourists will just like to look at the leading what to see in Stockholm during the day!

Stockholm is actually an extremely secure, understanding and progressive city, and homosexual tourists in Sweden don’t need to get any safety measures with regards to public showcases of passion. Rest assured, you have no dilemmas checking out this beautiful and diverse town, as well as the primary listing of activities to do will keep visitors amused for at least a couple of days.

Whether you are investing a weekend, a week or a month here, it is going to certainly be time well spent. Discover masses of remarkable things to do in Stockholm, whatever your vacation looks are. Fans of outdoors will adore the fact that the city is spread along countries on Baltic ocean, effortlessly incorporating the ever-changing h2o.

This wonderful place means you’re never not even shemale up close to character and get the opportunity to swim in a lake, walk in the nearby forests or hop on a ferry to an island.

If checking out record is more your performance, then Stockholm’s got many cultural history to provide. Its ancient middle is one of the best-preserved from the continent, and you will certainly be hard-pressed to obtain a lot more lovely cobbled streets.

Next there is the insightful galleries and galleries being offered. You might like to see an impeccably salvaged warship from 16


100 years or the initial ABBA costumes – you could do both right here, as well as more.

We can’t imagine that it is an inexpensive location, however, and with this much observe and do, it may be difficult to focus on. We understand it’s also important to absorb around you should, which explains why we would advise a tourist card to assist you save money and time.

Especially in an urban area as packed filled up with destinations as Stockholm, utilizing a traveler credit is amongst the best ways to see as many of those that you can without damaging the bank. This is when the
Stockholm Pass
will come in, a price reduction credit that will help you see much more and go a lot beyond you normally could.

My simple, how to fight you, Stockholm?

Top Features Of Stockholm

Royal Palace

This enormous Baroque-style regal Palace is full of gorgeous areas and five galleries, all while however being the King’s recognized property to make sure you could capture a peek of Swedish royalty. With 608 rooms, this is basically the most significant palace in the field that is nevertheless getting used by monarchy, so when imaginable, it is extremely magnificent both inside and outside.

Ornate gilded cornices beautify high ceilings, a gold throne looms across the Hall of State, and Armory is full of armor (obviously!), halloween costumes and elaborate carriages.

Gamla Stan

Breathtaking Gamla Stan features stood in the middle of Stockholm because the 13th millennium and it has been very well preserved. Gabled structures coated yellow, gold and orange line atmospheric cobblestone lanes. Famously, Mårten Trotzigs Gränd narrows to a teeny 90 centimeters.

The location extends across three countries. It really is a striking location to simply walk through, obtaining a feeling of exactly what Stockholm had been like with regards to was actually one of the most significant harbors on the Hanseatic trade route. In summer, the residences apparently glow for the sun; on a snowy wintertime’s day, Gamla Stan is actually astonishingly picturesque (although those steep roadways tend to be harder to negotiate!).

Amongst the unique frescos, you’ll find different destinations, including Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Museum, as well as the huge Royal residence.


Identified in English as ‘The Woodland Cemetery’, this breathtaking industry Heritage Site is actually transferring and architecturally fascinating. Let me reveal where life and death get together, since the tombstones remainder gently amidst green yard under pine trees.

It had been developed between 1917 and 1920 after two younger architects acquired a competition to design a fresh cemetery. The cemetery contains a pastoral landscape, a grove of pine trees, a large pond, a meditation slope, and chapels and a crematorium in a functionalist style.

Every detail was created because of the architects, therefore reflects the development of structure from Nordic Classicism to functionalism.

City Hall

The 106-meter-high red brick tower of Stockholm’s City Hall is an integral part of the city’s skyline, in addition to wonderful Three Crowns towards the top have soared above the waterfront since its conclusion in 1923. While it’s nevertheless the place of work for municipal servants and politicians, Stadshuset might be best known for hosting the Nobel banquet within its lavish Blue Hall.

Equally, luxurious fucntions are held when you look at the Golden Hall, which includes 18 million silver mosaic ceramic tiles (house décor inspiration, anyone?). Led tours are the most effective (and only!) method to see around the inside of the structure; it’s also advisable to generate time for you to stroll round the neighboring playground. For a supplementary fee, ascend to reach the top associated with tower and take in during the amazing views.

ABBA The Museum

For fans of Sweden’s most-loved Eurovision entry, this is exactly a total must-do. a physical variety, interactive displays and an amazing selection of memorabilia is a gift that keeps on providing. You actually will walk-in and dance down.

Even though it happened to be just memorabilia here, we might still eagerly advise it, as seeing the platform shoes, sequined jumpsuits and products in actuality tend to be interesting and really sets the band’s accomplishments in a historical context. But this is simply not no more than taking a look at situations; in addition, you get to take part!

It is possible to get in on the party as their fifth user in a hologram knowledge, attempting on a virtual outfit; you can also use an imitation associated with glossy costumes they used to do for their activities.

Drottningholm Palace

A striking illustration of regal structure on a private area – Drottningholm is not just absolutely breathtaking and well-preserved; its a UNESCO globe history website to boot. Luxurious salons, ornate chambers, a golden collection, atmospheric galleries… all are on tv series with the community, while external, you can find the famous Baroque Gardens and Chinese Pavilion.

Glashuset Restaurant and Pub

Found in the hipster Södermalm area, behind exclusive glass act in addition to stone wall space from former metalworks, you’ll find a stylish place where unique styles coupled with current Nordic classics – including meatballs – tell a story. Traditionalists are dammed; that is modern-day meals the 21st century!

Archipelago Cruises

Stockholm’s archipelago is very easily one of the more beautiful coastlines we have skilled, and a few from it seems very secluded and remote that it’s unbelievable a money area is minutes out. Pretty yellow residences dot the slopes of the lots and lots of isles, the wind rustles in grasses and foliage, and deep blue water laps the many shores.

You may enjoy all these places through the decks of a traditional archipelago ship, built in the very first 50 % of the 20th century, for 2 . 5 hours. A passionate and well-informed guide will increase the experience by suggesting the historical past on the region as well as the various views you pass on the way.

The spectacular views with the fascinating stories provides you with an actual style of Sweden, specially exactly how men and women live outside of the money.

Stockholm Cycling Trip

Biking across the small town heart is actually a pleasant method to begin to see the stunning streets, pretty buildings, and meandering coastline. This interesting bicycle tour requires that biking knowledge and causes it to be better yet. An area guide goes across the primary places, ensuring you don’t miss any such thing and suggesting the tales behind all spots you glide previous.

After meeting in the town, you will invest couple of hours checking out Gamla Stan, the hawaiian islands encompassing it and the national slot. It really is great to be able to inquire about whatever you see (forget about Googling rare realities!), plus manual is sure to tell you more than you expected! The sole hard thing about the tour will likely be providing the motorcycle back at the conclusion.

Vasa Museum

The enduring appeal of this popular art gallery is in their time-capsule-like top quality. The 69-meter warship Vasa sank in front of hundreds of onlookers on the maiden trip in 1628, working Sweden’s economy and navy huge strike.

It really is today the stunning centerpiece of the Vasa Museum, and that is easily findable because of the three tall masts on top. How performed a ship move from a wreck to the center of a museum? Thanks go both on pollution during the Baltic sea that were able to kill wood-eating micro-organisms for 333 years Vasa was regarding seabed, and also to a painstaking salvaging procedure during the early sixties.

Gay Things To Do In Stockholm

Viking Bears

a pub for homosexual guys, who happen to be furry, bearded, a little regarding weightier side and exactly who frequently like many guys with similar attributes. They organize lots of get-togethers all through the year with a generally mellow environment, including, pub evenings, a yearly Christmas celebration, visits the theater, picnics, spa parties, etc.

Their objective would be to offer an opportunity for those not comfortable with the general gay world to satisfy one another as well as have a pleasurable time together, therefore if this appears like a great fit available, why not see their coming activities?

Theatre Queer Foreign Movie Festival

A queer film event retained in Stockholm from year to year in belated Sep helps across numerous venues and nights. Chances for a advanced LGBT evening out for dinner with many different thought-provoking choices addressing numerous types of genres and subject areas.

StandOut Travel Sweden

A fun trip business began by Erik and Sofia, supplying itineraries specifically made for any LGBT tourist in
and Stockholm. They’ve been dealing with and for the regional LGBTQ+ society to aid deliver men and women together, finish discrimination and tell Sweden’s queer background.

Their solutions feature numerous queer-centric time trips, tailor-made visits, wedding receptions and occasions and a lot more to make certain you experience Gay Sweden when you look at the most fabulous feasible means!

Stockholm Pride

A week-long salute to assortment and openness with programs, alive songs, theatre, art, workshops, and seminars culminates in a rainbow-filled Pride procession where over half a million members of the queer society plus partners, family and friends dance, march or brace through gorgeous streets of Stockholm.

The varied crowd at Pride is really a heartening expression from the open-minded Swedish community, in addition to entire country becomes active in the activity. It is usually already been a highly-regarded occasion, with a great amount of political figures in attendance. Sweden’s former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt took part in 2014, 24 months before Justin Trudeau made statements for undertaking the same in

Sweden’s Supreme Commander associated with military even performed an Elvis tune in 2019!  Its a rebellious, appealing, colorful celebration of all of the things LGBT, however with a steely perseverance at its key. Stockholm Pride isn’t using the hazard to equal legal rights softly and understands that occasions such as this any are included in a wider activity.

It could seem different for every attendee, based on your requirements. Many of us want to dancing from dusk till start right after which to dusk once more; others want to talk about problems throughout the day; other people wish to check out a city when it’s covered in rainbow flags.

Anything you need from Stockholm Pride, you’re certain to believe it is. Much like every Pride occasion, there isn’t any right or wrong-way experiencing it. It’s about carrying out what you need, locating your own space is your fabulous queer home, and meeting similar men and women.

Gay-Friendly and Gay Hotels in Stockholm

Whilst would count on such a progressive country, pretty much every lodge and hostel in Stockholm can be viewed as gay-friendly – after all, being gay-friendly just isn’t everything about upscale luxury, but about supplying friendly and open solution and pleasant every person with available hands!

With that said, everyone else loves to be in the middle of individuals with typical interests, and therefore, there are a few well-known accommodations in Stockholm which can be identified hot places for gay people to remain!

No accommodations tend to be exclusively for homosexual men anymore – an indication of the liberal instances in Sweden – but other people continue to be an essential part on the homosexual world for their area and history, many motels basically noted for becoming exceptionally appealing of gay visitors.

The subsequent resorts in Stockholm are merely the most used with homosexual tourists and will all be made use of for a fantastic stay, but you can find
numerous various other resorts in Stockholm
unless you get a hold of rather what you’re trying to find.

Whether you prefer an enjoyable and social hostel, an inexpensive place to crash after a night of partying or a fashion designer boutique solution to drink cocktails and surround yourself with fantastic folks  – Gay Stockholm is an activity for everyone!

Hotel Berns â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

With 82 yourself adorned areas, numerous honours and an intimate boutique resort sensation, Berns is not just a location to sleep but somewhere to live on. With early breakfasts, long meals, and never-ending nights at certainly one of Berns’s clubs, this fun hotel encourages you to be seduced by the humming and vibrating environment.

Thanks for visiting your house that never ever rests! You’ll find three full-time nightclub locations controlled by Berns, and another  Stora Salongen – The best Hall – supplying probably one of the most spectacular dance flooring in Stockholm, which is used when it comes down to Guldrummet monthly homosexual dancing party. The morning meal dinner hallway is quite from this globe also!

AtSix â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

Supplying en style elegance, this luxe lodge option supplies spacious spaces you’ll never wish keep with good marble writing tables,  custom-designed lounge seating and dreamy bedrooms size for kings and queens. Detail focussed, additionally there is an erudite international bistro, a spontaneous café, two occurring pubs, along with a 24-hour fitness center.

Hotel Diplomat â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

Fancy and elegant. Resort Diplomat is actually a luxurious lodge, situated on Strandvägen in city heart of Stockholm. Completely placed to explore the environmentally friendly surroundings of DjurgÃ¥rden, Karlaplan and also the radiant Stureplan, this original artwork Nouveau palace offers stunning views over Nybroviken and Stockholm’s waterfront.

By far the most luxurious resort experience offered in Stockholm, and precious by discerning LGBT tourists. The hotel’s 130 spaces and suites are vibrant and distinctly Scandinavian, with rooms offering saunas, areas, and sweeping opinions.

Features consist of a contemporary club and cafe with a rooftop,  a ritzy cocktail bar, a fitness room, a day spa, and a hot bathtub.

Pop House Hotel â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

a cool resort located in the DjurgÃ¥rden area of Stockholm, a rock’s toss from city middle as well as equivalent address as ABBA The Museum. Discover 49 beautifully appointed spaces, all with panorama windows that enhance the light, area and guest knowledge.

Awaken refreshed after an effective night’s sleep-in the bespoke bedrooms, or prefer to stay static in certainly their own areas decorated in music themes like MAMMA MIA! The Celebration Area as well as the ABBA Gold Room. {Daily|Day-to-day|Everyday|Regular|Routine|Frequent|Cons