April 14, 2024
  • April 14, 2024

The poet Rashid al-Saadi comes loaded with clusters of wisdom and beautiful meanings through a text that carries with it a lot of poetry and noble ideas.

As for the zakaah of money, I don’t have the bank’s balance is money
But my balance with these stops is the same…We leave you with these wonderful noodles.

 Some situations reveal the likeness of men.
 Oh make me a ransom my brother don't get over the weight
 My friend, the chastity of the truth, he wants a struggle.
 What is the poor man who holds the concern that doesn't take it
 If you want to be with them with people with money
 They swear to you the fat and the lean for wasting.
 and beware your sail squeals does not reverse the wind blowing from the north
 This is true in the time of falsehood and reality is an example
 Don't tell me where the eggs of intent and qualities have disappeared.
 Get used to satan and understand my point of destination that son of halal
 Gina on this life and we are gone to disappear
 And I am god who believes in my Lord Dhul Jalal
 I pray that Faradi Kamal/Al-Shara is a plague and a moderation
 As for the zakaah of money… I don't have the bank's balance of money
 If every human being misses every moment of emotion,
 The break was between an uncle and an uncle
 Oh God we have been together with the good people. 
 And forgive us one day the money or children will benefit
 I didn't miss the way of poetry.
 Who smell rich and those who smell the wick
 It's on the count of nari, which is the number of the referred count.
 But your chastity today mayab the stones
 His dear self prevents him from scrooge's paws.
 Al-Mabadi vinegar at the tip/rise to the long shade
 If you're going to do it, if you're going to get them, they're going to be inclined.
 Maybe after you are dear you will be in a humiliating moment
 And the one who is lying to me comes to me and give him the proof
 I'm asking like you and looking for a beautiful past.
 Frying after the long time is how to drink salspil!!
 And our mistakes we ask God forgive her in the morning and in the morning 
 And his book the house is about who is lame to his Lord at night
 And accept to God with the intention of the type of heavy guilt
 But my balance with these stops is like the same
 If tolerance is scarce in the hearts of human beings and becomes few!!
 After they were not the example of good and noble creation 
 And we shopped for good.
 Except the one whose heart was delivered from every man and every mile.
 And that I came and i have a bag of Hebron seas in my hand

Rashid bin Khalfan al-Saadi

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