April 14, 2024
  • April 14, 2024

Poem of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on the occasion of winning the honor of Lahjan Al Asifah with the golden sword in my closing ceremony of 2017…….

 The final was a mosquito net
 And everything if you're giving him his attention.
 and manhood and heroism and gentlemen
 In the fields of challenge and dignity
 And whoever wins today is a commitment of glory.
 and leadership even in leadership
 And who leaked to the storm, God bless
 The day they were honored seemed an important tribute.
 But there's a mole between them.
 I was the one who is hard in the easy ramah
 Everyone has shown her respect today.
 But it's a part of the wind.
 Or a lightning-like lightning in his heyday.
 he takes the sight of his grate
 Or like the waves of the sea at the time of its intake.
 In her description, the description declares his absence.
 And victory if everyone spreads poison
 Hamdan won the president and his conclusion
 Describe your sword like a cloud sword.
 Knight Dime on the first gram
 He was honored by the final law.
 You take his security to me.
 You want to do things that don't come with my words
 On the ones we depend on the names
 And your general victory even if it is a general victory
 Something and something that is always in front of me
 I've got all the regulars.
 Ahigh raise for the people of Hain Hami
 Clear or like a free shami
 But it's an arrow.
 And i like her deserves my respect.
 Storm storm edifice son of Anob Al-Khiyami
 The bright sparkle of the dark glai
 I'm not going to do that.
 And who challenges the sea and the waves
 About the description of what you want a lawyer
 But victory is always a good thing
 And luck only answers a bloody sin
 Your grandfather Sami's sword is in Sami's palm.
 I took it from me.