July 14, 2024
  • July 14, 2024

Inside the real poet is a mixture of sincere feelings and deep meanings expressing the creations of the human soul and its noble qualities and objectives.

We market the good, but we don’t make excuses.
Nakhawi from Our Brother Matina…A poem by a poet named Ahmed al-Hamani.

 The elders got us big and they got us big
 whiten in front of us and the squid shor
 We've got a quarter of us all the time and a circle.
 If we are to the right of the last ish look left
 We love the first day as a child.
 and if the guest has a host of
 We offer him dignity. And the dignity is many
 And if the neighbor is not digesting the rights of the neighbor
 We can take it and prepare a notification in it
 And if we have a sofa loaded with news
 he collects his hoal and said the flame of fire
 We market the good, but we don't make excuses.
 So we are old on the world
 And if we don't have good things they can't get to us
 And let us be away
 On the law and the length we were raised
 He is afraid to get lost in the prestige of our meanings
 We grew up and the blessings grew in our names
 You see our guest ordering and finishing us
 And light our back in the palm of our hands
 If the sea is on the sea we have the enamel
 We're going to have to take it down and say Marina.
 There is frustration from the capacity of our people
 And the fire and the fire have plagued us
 Nakhawi from Our Brother Matina
 And if we are going to make our names

Ahmed Ghadir al-Hakmani

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