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February 28, 2021

The “Savior”… Obaid bin Mohammed al-Wahabi

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I love the competition and the challenge with every camel infused

One of the most well-known Omani dressers in the camel racing arena where he started in the world of conscience since 1985, since that time and his ambition still embraces the podiums and loves enthusiasm and challenge in the strongest races and festivals and with the finest omani people cal His Highness, Mr. Asaad bin Tariq Al-Saeed, described him as a “savior” and entrusted him with a task of convelling the gospels of his Highness, as well as in his dedication and effort in his work.

The start.

Obeid bin Mohammed al-Wahabi was born in 1970 in Badia, a state of love of challenge and competition, and instilled a love of camel in his heart and a passion for nurturing it, he entered the world of conscience in 1985 and graduated from human rugby to camels to become a bandage for the finest omani selves, his ambition to capture achievements is not known to me The first of the two camels was one of the most famous camels in the time, so they almost participated in a race only and won its prize, the Field of Badiou and The Square of The Besser are witnesses to its history and the first car it harvested was in the field of falij with the reel girl shouted and rolled achievements and rums to exceed the borders In the fields of the Cooperation Council after the establishment of the main base in the fields of Oman due to the interest and development enjoyed by the sport of camel racing in The Sultanate with the support of His Majesty His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed al-Most, may God bless him and his patrons, and in this season I was honored to take on the task of convelate the gospels of His Highness Mr. Asaad bin Tariq Al Said and we have achieved great and honourable achievements in the field of human beings with the gospel of the gospel.

Despite the short duration, we have achieved good achievements and have been quick to purchase so that we can participate in the festival of promises and upcoming forums. But next season there will be a variety of purchases from the age of weatamine to the age of the squint from inside and outside the Sultanate.

The politics of manor and conscience

The relationship between the estate and the dresser as the ma’amar’s relationship with his family cannot be dispensed with and in my opinion the saboq is the one that gives the incentive to the manand the people of the estate and confirms Obeid al-Wahabi on the complementarity of achievement between the seasoned dresser and the trumpets, whenever there is accuracy in the camel program implemented in detail and care the result was positive after the reconciliation of God, and personally I encourage the preservation of the original breeds for production, I do not think that the buyer of the line is always his ally continuity The staff at the estate must put highly qualified and honest officials in place, so that they will be the executor of what the dresser says to him if he makes a mistake, he may be corrected in the coming times.

The landfill must be close to the camel and the staff.

I’m honored to be in the conscience of the people. And the next posts are more powerful

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