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February 28, 2021

The role of supplements to support camel performance during races

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Camels need many supplements to better prepare them for racing and racing camels often suffer from a lack of some essential nutrients to compensate the body for what it loses during workouts or races that directly affect its performance and fitness. Therefore, dressers and educators used various dietary supplements to get the best camel performance during the race. In this article we will mention the most important necessary supplements and proposed periods of use that will increase the efficiency of the race hybrid. It is recommended that all supplements used be legal and are not included in the classification of banned steroids and preferably from natural sources

Vitamin E and Selenium: Selenium and Vitamin E

Selenium and vitamin E blends are essential supplements that help raise camel immunity to tolerate various infections and activate the immune system, and vitamin E is essential to support muscle performance. Selenium is an antioxidant that expels toxins and accelerates metabolic processes in the construction of different cells. The mixture can be used during training and racing in specific quantities depending on the amount of stress

Lactic acid aggregation antibodies

It is a group of products containing amino acids required to get rid of lactic acid, which is one of the outputs of the anaerobic breathing cycle of tissues, as increased lactic acid in the body leads to contractions and muscle tears accompanied by severe pain. Therefore, the use of this supplement helps camels to run longer distances and more quickly with high fitness without being exposed to muscle spasm and preferably using lactic acid pooling drugs regularly during the training period and are usually used just before and after the race.

Bone support supplements

It is a dietary supplement that maintains the hardness and durability of bones and depends on calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, and gives racing hybrids solidity in the bone camel structure and reduces the incidence of bone fractures and makes them able to carry the body and move very quickly. It is preferable to give racing hybrids these supplements continuously during the training and racing period, but in quantities that suit the level of effort exerted.

Joint-support supplements

These are products that contain hyaluronic acid and other compounds that relieve pain and inflammation, and also contain biological substances specialized in the preservation of cartilage, resistant to corrosion and work to maintain the flexibility of the joints. These supplements support joints and compensate for cartilage erosion caused by friction and lack of joint fluid. It is recommended to use these products for racing hybrids long enough especially in those participating in races with completely uneven floors

Supplements to support muscle

They are products containing creatine and have a function during preparation and rest by building muscles, and then another function during training in union with phosphorus to be the compound of creatine phosphorus, which gives the phosphorus obtained to the compound adenosine diphosphate, which is directly converted to adenosine triphosphate, which is the energy unit of hybrids. It is recommended that muscle supporters stop using muscle support ings approximately 15 days before the race so that there is no weight in the muscle mass of the camel.

Supplements to support the soles of menus

Vitamin K is usually added to this product to help compensate for bleeding in minor injuries to the soles of the menus during the race as a result of constant contact with the ground.

Energy-support supplements

These are dietary supplements that contain primary amino acid ingredients and other elements to produce a tri-adenosine element that increases the energy available to camels. Sometimes it is added to it as carnitine, which helps to oxidize fatty acids for energy generation. Companies make these supplements powdery for use weeks before the race, while they are also made in the form of a masar to be used directly before and after the race to fill the lost energy.

Electrons – Electrolytes

These are important minerals for the body in general, the most important of which are sodium, potassium and chloride. These electrolytes regulate the function of nerves and muscles and maintain the acid-basal balance that in itself maintains the balance of the body’s water ratio. Racing hybrids lose a lot of fluids during training so these compounds are used to compensate for lost items and preferably add vitamin C as well, which increases the vitality of camels after the great effort exerted during the race. Electrolytes or minerals are available in powder form used during and after training as well as in the form of a masar used just before and after the race

Supplements for blood vessel dilation

It is a group of amino acids and vitamins that increase blood flow to the heart and thus increase the amount of oxygen carried inside the red blood cells that reaches the muscles and is available in the form of a cockroach given hours before the race

Anti-disorder and fear

They are vehicles that support the stability of the animal and not disturb it from the general atmosphere that did not use it during races, as well as to prevent the loss of animal energy by excessive activity before the race. It is preferable to be given to camels 6 hours before the race, making sure that it does not contain inhibitors that fall under prohibited substances for use in races. These 10 groups are the most important supplements used by breeders and interns during camel training and processing for racing. Camel performance also varies as much as the rules of choice, types and formulations of these supplements. The more quality the raw material in these supplements, the more compatible with the animal’s needs and better camel performance during races. Therefore, the preparation of camels and the selection of supplements and their programs, doses and times is one of the most important factors of the outstanding performance of camels and thus get advanced positions in the races