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February 28, 2021

Salem Bin Salim Al-Qalawi – The show ran. Courage and skill of camel heroes in Oman

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It’s easy to ride camels while sitting and it’s simple to ride camels while standing, but have you ever thought about riding camels running at 30 or 40 kilometers per hour? Whoever thinks about it for a while sees it as an adventure. In fact it is difficult, but it is not impossible to break the rules despite the many challenges faced since his young age and it has established in his mind that this type of camel riding is very dangerous and it is impossible to try it on the back of any camel that was difficult or humiliating.

As you return to the magazine «» by highlighting such talents we gathered a meeting with Mohammed Al-Qalawi, one of the young skilled in riding the camels of the show, to the details of the dialogue….

We knew about yourself? And when were your beginnings in the world of show racing and excitement?

Salem bin Salim bin Salem bin Saeed al-Qalawi, a resident of al-Raka town in Badia province, North Eastern Province, started riding camels since I was 5 years old, where I learned to ride from my father, who was and still is considered a skilled rugby from the last generation and this generation, as for the first festival i participated in riding the camel slugs was 13 years old and I remember that this festival was in badia state in the village of Al-Manterbe.

What are the most prominent festivals i have participated in in Oman and abroad? Are there any achievements you have made in this field?

I participated in many festivals, not passing a festival organized by the affairs of the Royal Court represented by the Royal Hagana, except i had a imprint on it, not to mention the festivals held by the Omani Camel Racing Federation in various fields, except I was one of the participants and also participated in the community festivals that are held in the states of Oman every now and then, most notably in Badia, The Midwife, Full, And Madean, Adam and others, but my external participation was only in Abu Dhabi specifically in the Zayed Grand Prix, which is held annually. In 2011, I snatched the sword of the long 3 km long pass through Shoahin and there are precious cash prizes that I receive in all my participation.

Characterized by a unique skill of (riding on camels while running) we would like to know more details about it?

Since I was a child and I would like to distinguish from my peers with a new skill that no one has ever seen and i said to myself why i do not ride camels while running being light and graceful and really tried this dangerous jump, at first I failed again and again but with perseverance I was able to achieve this goal and became a professional with practice, today the festival does not pass except to review this jump in front of the masses and thank God I enjoyed the encouragement of the unmatched was from the audience or even in the social networking sites and I remember in one of my participations jumped external In al-Wathba at the Zayed Grand Prix in 2014 and immediately after i was contacted by an Omani citizen from Al-Batina governorate and gave me a hug from Hajjah Bint Jabbar in recognition of my efforts and skill in riding.

Can you tell us the details of this dangerous jump?

Yes of course… First you must be fit and light because this is a key factor for the success of any jump and then you have to catch well with the elegance and walk with it for a distance and then you have to hit your foot one blow on the ground and jump strongly to reach behind the hump and sit of course with the balance and know the distance between the ground and the back of the elegance and if you want to stand on it and you run you install the snout well and stand with balance.

Casual rugby needs many skills different from rugby hybrid racing. What are the highlights of my occasional rugby?

I have already mentioned that fitness and practice are one of the most important elements of successful rugby taking into account the great difference between riding the camel sin sin singand and the normal ride, the ride in the camel of the show requires you to double effort being paraded in front of a large crowd and also you are at risk of falling at any moment, especially in your beginnings.

One last word you’d like to say?

Thank you from the depths of the magazine “Camel World” to encourage the energies of youth I never imagined to be a guest with the giants that this magazine specializes in to be its guests.

Fitness and practice are the most important elements of rugby

In 2014, Naga Bint Jabbar was dedicated to honoring my skill in camel riding.

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