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February 28, 2021

Salem bin Ali bin Tanaf al-Dari – Al-Sabouq, the foundation of the law and the pillars of the estate

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Salem bin Ali bin Tanaf al-Dari, born in 1965 in Izki, is one of the oldest and most famous Omani camel races in Oman, where he sat and toured the fields of racing in the Sultanate and the Gulf during a march that carried experience and knowledge in the field of conscience and achieved many achievements in various local and Gulf fields.

The start.

Since the 1980s and his love and passion for camels run in his blood to the present day, the memories of camel racing in the dirt fields still haunt him, he achieved the first achievement in his career in 1982 in the field of Rafash in the red-armor edifice in The State of Hebrew with the elegance of the tea, it was the beginning Towards the law and achievements, and the foundations of his own estate where the acquisition of the finest breeds of authentic in the world of camel racing, including Shaheena and Ma’ad and other founding in the fields of camel racing in The Sultanate and the fields of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and did not content the landfill Salem Al-Dari He also contributed to the support and establishment of several fields and races in Bahla state that played a role in encouraging owners and entrants to participate in these races, which find the annual support of the government represented by the Omani Camel Racing Federation.

His politics and experience.

Salem bin Ali Al-Dari is one of the most famous Omani dressers known for their experience and skill in the world of camels, he is one of the dressers who emphasize that the dynasty has a major role in the production of spousal that can compete for the first positions and work the difference and when The estate has increased the chance of its participation in the fields of racing and the acquisition of the law and each participant must be knowledgeable and knowledgeable and experienced in camels and do not overdo the program of racing and consider camels in his estate as the breadwinner and close friend who should not you fall short in honor.


  • Al-Shayja won his first victory at Rafash Square.
  • Al-Shaheeniya gets a car in the western region of the UAE.
  • He got a car in the UAE.
  • Announcing the first place in Al-Shahaniya Square in Qatar.
  • He achieved first place and the car in Al-Suwan Square in Ras Al Khaimah.
  • Win the car at The Rifash Square at the Oman Camel Racing Federation Race.