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February 28, 2021

Camel milk and its role in the treatment of autism in children

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Autism is a translated word for Greek and means, known in Arabic as the term autism is a developmental disorder that appears, and the English references define it as otism in the first three years of a child’s life, autism can be defined simply as a deficiency of social skills and verbal and non-verbal communication, and occurs as a result of a disorder of the nervous system which affects brain functions, where it affects the way information is collected and processed by the brain, leading to a change in behavior that includes three basic aspects: : Social interaction disorder, communication imbalance and imaginary activity, repetitive behavior automatically and in a typical way

The prevalence of autism disorder among children has increased in recent decades, and scientists, mental health experts and professors of neurology and genetics have agreed that there is still no specific cause of autism in children, and many scientists have worked hard to develop therapeutic methods and rehabilitation programs to reduce the symptoms of autism disorder, among other methods of treatment following certain diets, and recent research and studies have shown that camel milk has an active role within the diet used to treat autism, and we present the following benefits of camel milk and its characteristics. Appropriate treatment for autism spectrum disorder

Therapeutic properties of camel milk, characterized camel milk with many therapeutic and pharmaceutical characteristics, it is considered an essential element in improving human food as a type and especially the child, and is given in some countries to children suffering from malnutrition where camel milk is considered a rich source of proteins and nutrients, natural for man, it contains high levels of minerals, in addition to containing less amount of cholesterol compared to cow milk, according to recent studies and scientific research in the field of nutrition proven the ability of camel milk to promote milk milk Optimal nutrition, and its high ability to cure many diseases, such as diabetes and gastrointestinal problems in addition to the treatment of cancer and other diseases, and due to these benefits and characteristics of camel coffee began to be widely popular and spread fresh camel milk and its derivatives in many stores in various European countries and America, and the European Food and Agriculture Organization announced that camel milk is one of the healthiest and most useful animal milk

Camel milk and its role in the treatment of autism

Some scientific theories of autism due to the lack of some essential amino acids in the body during the formation of the fetus in the stomach of its mother, these acids are very important, as they help to increase the efficiency of nerve conduction between the brain and nerves, which in turn help reduce the symptoms of autism disorder, and therefore it is recommended to eat milk camels as it is very rich in these acids, as apple milk has a big role in addressing intestinal problems that occur significantly for children with autism, as well as its great role in stimulating normal growth for children. Autistic spectrum patients, camel milk includes vitamin B12, which preserves nerve tissue, and some studies have shown that autism has to do with the autoimmune system, and that camel milk has the ability to resist gut bacteria and viruses, helping to heal people with autoimmune diseases.

Scientific studies and research on the treatment of camel milk for autism

Several studies were carried out on samples of children with autism disorder to determine the extent to which camel milk has been effective in improving the symptoms of autism in these children, and after examining the results of these studies with psychobehavioral and laboratory chemical measures, the results showed that camel milk has a positive effect in improving the behavior of autistic people, where a marked improvement and high statistical indication was observed in behavioral aspects such as communication and social awareness, as shown in terms of chemical changes in The body has shown that by measuring the level of blood enzymes has occurred, the levels of antioxidants of both enzyme and non-enzymatic types have increased in the body, and many studies have shown that raising antioxidants plays a vital role in the treatment of many diverse neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Mongolian plausitsyndrome – Down syndrome – as well as in the treatment of autism disorder, explaining that camel milk is a natural source of vitamins as well as anti-oxidant minerals, the most important antioxidant (magnesium and zinc), these elements work together to stimulate enzymes Studies have also found that autistic children are highly sensitive to food, so camel milk is the appropriate alternative for these children, as it does not contain two substances (beta gluten, beta-casein) found in large proportions in cow dairy, a protein that is difficult to digest in some people with autism, and causes mainly food allergies and digestive problems in autistic children, which may result in inflammation of brain cells and immune systems, so camel milk is the perfect alternative to cow milk. Autism

Microsoft Office Translator English translation. Parents’ opinions on camel milk in the treatment of their children with autism, as confirmed by parents who began to experience the treatment of their children with the spectrum of autism with camel milk, confirmed a marked improvement in behavioral and cognitive tests, where their children are sleeping better, and they are aware of places and people, as they noted the decrease of oxidative stress in the body, as there has been a significant improvement for their children in visual and linguistic communication, improvement in their language and practical skills, and the development of other academic skills in these children, and have developed above-average. Recommendations for the use of camel milk, despite the important therapeutic benefits of using camel milk, but it is necessary to take into account some things and take precautions when using camel milk as a treatment for autism disorder, it should be used camel milk by a trained doctor, it is used like medicine, the role of this doctor is very important in determining the necessary doses, the work of tests necessary for the child before eating camel milk, as must work a muscle test first to make sure that the body of the child accepts it and know the dose that should begin, where Using larger doses is very harmful, as it may stimulate the immune system too much, which poses a risk to the child. Some families also face the rejection of camel milk and their inability to taste and taste, and therefore it is recommended to use derivatives and products of camel milk, where the development of dried camel milk was developed by adding flavors such as real cocoa powder, or fresh vanilla, and a number of producers in the food sector of camel milk were inspired to develop a type of chocolate made entirely from camel milk, in addition to types of cheese and other derivatives that children love and accept many. Finally, the camel is one of the signs of God on earth and one of his great miracles, made by Allah almighty as a protégé, food and medicine from many diseases and the sincerity of our Lord Almighty in his statement in the verse of Sura al-Ghashia