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February 28, 2021

Bulk camels: Danger to public road traffic

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Livestock and its attention is one of the priorities that the government has sought to take care of and facilitate all the obstacles facing breeders and those interested in that wealth, and from that wealth camels, which is a source of livelihood for many breeders in The Sultanate, where they raise them for various purposes, including the production of breeds to take advantage of them for races, competitions, costumes, shops and exposure, as well as to take advantage of their meat, with increasing numbers of camels, increasing owners and expanding the pastures where camels graze, it is important to protect the important of the public roads frequented by the camels on a daily basis. Bulk where they pose a great danger causes accidents that kill many road goers, and in this issue we talk about bulk camels and the importance of cooperation between all relevant authorities to protect the road goers starting with the breeders and also to preserve livestock

Salem bin Hamad al-Abari, director of badia municipality, and in an interview with Mr. Salem al-Abari, director of badia municipality in northeastern province, stressed that the phenomenon of camels is one of the important topics, which the municipality attaches great attention to and concerns with awareness and guidance to the people of the importance of keeping their camels away from public roads, which often cause traffic accidents that kill many road owners and the municipality stresses the need not to leave camels in residential neighborhoods and public roads and has published many awareness leaflets that alert camel breeders to the need not be published Leaving camels in inappropriate places, which exposes them to accidents in the streets, al-Hebrew stressed that there is a tangible response from camel breeders, which helped to reduce the camels, and there is cooperation between the municipality of Badia and the government and civil authorities in the state and the municipality has certain measures in case camel breeders do not comply with the obligation to prevent camels and leave them loose in the streets where the municipality reserves camels and imposes symbolic financial fines on them, the aim of protecting the farmers of the streets, as well as raising awareness of the importance of leaving the educators the importance of leaving the camels and leaving them loose in the streets where the municipality reserves camels and imposes symbolic financial fines on them, the aim of protecting the farmers of the streets. Camels in the streets and the duration of the booking does not exceed 15 days and if the owner is not present is presented at auction after the announcement and the booking sites in the municipality are prepared and meet the health requirements and are eligible to receive animals

Mohammed bin Khamis al-Rajhi, one of the drivers of the road, expressed the need for awareness and reduced speed among drivers, because of the ease of avoiding any animal that cuts the road, as well as adhering to the fastening of the seat belt, al-Rajhi pointed out some solutions that can reduce the accidents of camels, such as the construction of a fence on both sides of the main roads in cooperation between the residents and the private sector and the authorities and the establishment of guidelines and the intensification of the guidelines in places where camel crossing swells, as well as intensifying the role of municipalities in deterring these violations that may cause loss of life.

For his part, Saif bin Salem al-Qanoubi, one of the owners of camels, said that the issue of camels is a danger to the roads and their visitors and pointed to some suggestions or solutions that can reduce this phenomenon, including the transfer of manors from sites near cities and public streets and the municipality surveying the sides of the road where some of the grass grows, as well as the placement of the phosphorus tape in order to predict motorists and other proposals such as the development of a tracking device for camels by camel owners, which is easy to track and know their locations.

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