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February 17, 2021

Archie oasis is distinguished With natural magic Bewitching; It collects Among the constituents Environmental and geographic Miscellaneous

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Archie oasis is known as (Qulata Archie- Gelta is a term intended, Guelta d ‘Archei ( A hole in the rock where water collects; And fired In general, the oases scattered in Valleys and deserts, so an oasis is a strange act And marvelous in its composition; Where its water is formed Through groundwater nfiltration into the lands Descending to the surface, resulting in agglomeration Permanent pools of water.

Archie oasis is characterized by stunning natural magic. It is Combine the environmental and geographical components Diversified, an oasis falls between steep mountains, It includes a wonderful formation of dunes And sand rocks, in addition to a large number From the inscriptions and rock paintings that cover The walls of many mountains and rock dunes Wonderfully; These inscriptions bear witness to ancient times this place has been of great strategic importance since Thousands of years, as many inhabitants of Archi oasis Kinds of animals and birds, and camels are considered from The most important animals associated with the history of this oasis Closely related; Many call this oasis (The camel oasis), as it is widely spread in it These camels form a beautiful art scene Amidst great mountains and waters.

Camels are part of the natural heritage in an oasis Archie; Camels are an essential ingredient The natural heritage of the oasis; It is an inherent part of The cultural legacy of the Oasis of Archie throughout history, The oasis was one of the main corridors For commercial convoys; Where it is trained by the camel tribes In huge gatherings every day, so the oasis It represents a magnet for hundreds of travelers In the desert looking to rest Their camels, water them and replenish their water supplies For their caravans, and the oasis was the perfect place Is appropriate for that; What it provides from the groundwater Cold and raised mountains provide shade for all Who wants to rest and rest, and privacy And protection, and the oasis is a safe haven and environment Fountains for the rest of tens of thousands of camels away from The beholder’s eyes, and chase them.

The waters of Archie oasis will take on the color black. And that Because of camel dung that collects and accumulates in it Over the many years and mixed with water The oasis made it black, and it froze This dung was transformed into what resembles rocks, and became An integral part of the physical and geographical environment Of the oasis over the ages.

Safari trips on the back of camels to an oasis; The picturesque geography of an oasis Archie-Chad is a tourist attraction for tours Al-Safari for many tourists and willing visitors In enjoying the picturesque mountain nature And steep cliffs during their journey across Deserts of Chad reach the valley of Archie, and this begins Four-wheel drive excursions to get to Effervescence; Due to the sandy and rugged nature of the oasis The surface, then the journey continues on emergence Camels to enjoy watching the natural scenery Badia in the desert, and seeing formations Raised sandstones that take on color Distinctive red, and these trips consist of Groups; Each group consists of a number of Camels are (22), and are carried by (12) people Of the visitors, the rest of the camels are customized To carry luggage and to ride with guides For these groups; These mentors are from Local nomads in Chad Where they stand Equipping and training tourists to ride camels, The journey takes about 25 km per day.

Tourists enjoy the safari trip to an oasis Archie enjoy camel riding adventure, and have fun Most see large caravans of herds of camels Which are distributed around the water and reach their numbers For about a hundred, and it is taken care of by one or two From the little boys.

These trips stop to see the cartoons The rocky landscape and various inscriptions on the mountains Surrounding the oasis; Where there are rock drawings An end in artistic creativity is the drawing of figures Various camels, which were carried by caravans Commercial that has been passing through this oasis since Antiquity, and these inscriptions reflect an ancient date This wondrous oasis, as these inscriptions highlight The importance of camels and the great role they have played thousands of years ago Years, the topics of these inscriptions varied And its forms; The fees for these camels come separately, And ometimes within groups of other animals, to Besides the drawings of the various decorative elements, that Crafted by artists’ hands, the importance of this lies The inscriptions being a record of human history In these areas; Also, these inscriptions represent An illustrated historical archive of the human journey and his life, And the development of his economic and social activity And cultural over thousands of years, these are considered The inscriptions are a source of attraction and interest for a large number of people Researchers and students of anthropology.

The European photographers are also keen to visit Archie oasis; To enjoy watching and photographing Landscapes of a palette, transferred with their lenses The scenes of camel herds among the mountains harmoniously Great harmony as if it were a painted painting With great mastery, which added more to the oasis Distinction and dazzling them, and one of the most famous photographers Who visited the oasis of Archie; The two Australian photographers Kim and Tonya Elman who visited this one Al-Waha and they conveyed these scenes with their cameras The amazing, and Alfla book, gathers various pictures from their trips to Africa, including beautiful photos of an oasis Archie, this book was known as (Africa on Safari).

Finally, camels added to the archi oasis significance In Chad besides its environmental and natural importance And its wonderful cultural heritage, and camels have become a part no It is fragmented from the natural, environmental and historical heritage Of this oasis.

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