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Immortal Symbol He left to stay…

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Youssef Al-Magheri
My World

After the January storm, which then extinguished all light. January that brought the world together. All of it, that it was one of the heaviest months he’s carried. Acceptance and delivery. On January 10th, we never lifted the silence of our eyes to console Bar’s son. Or a kind brother or a loyal friend. In the departure of the commander of the najaasoldier and the teacher of intellectuals
The prophets. And the happiness of the orphans and the poor. Qaboos bin Saeed Sultan of Oman and its illumination Lit up the worlds. The camels of Oman and its people were part of his heart and his pure spirit like the remaining parts of the nation that formed the allusion of the qasous pulse that took everyone’s hand. For goodness, kindness and love above all else. And in the beginnings of his high reign when he was climbing the peak of glory and his sleep… In 1972, he ordered the establishment of service.
Camels offer successive victories in oman’s national days in those
The era. Followed by another decision in 1989 to establish a special directorate for camels in the Sultanate, which in turn established the first camel track in The Village in 1999 and with it High honors rolled over his sons in races and purchases since the beginning of the third millennium in which the late man ordered the permission of the sultan’s haggis.

Qaboos bin Saeed Sultan of Oman

And her illumination that Lit up. Worlds

In her current form, he ordered her on his high street to organize regular races.
Official camels in all fields of Oman and to allocate an annual budget for the purchase of the citizens in support of them and save their inheritance after he touched his son ok. There are economic benefits for citizens in this field. He ordered her to be the guard. Alamen on the Omani salat to establish the latest laboratories and research centers. All these efforts culminated in the allocation of the precious cup bearing his name.
To be the annual medal given to the owner of camels in Amman. Conclusion.. Who was he?
It happens to be the last cup hosted by the Omani camels. In the name of Sultan Qaboos. And who would have expected that the history of his love, his mercy, was a relief to the horse?
He’ll stop at the spaghetti horse, the last horse to get off the horse.
At this time.