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December 22, 2020

Al Bashair Arab Camel Race Track Circuit

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Al Bashair Arab Camel Race Track Circuit, under the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Relations Affairs and International Cooperation and the personal representative of His Majesty the Sultan, was established in 2014 under the directives of His Majesty- may Allah rest his soul.

Al Bashair plays an important role to encourage owners to preserve the Omani heritage through holding many activities and events relating to camel sector, such as Al Bashaer Annual Festival for Arab Camel Races and holding various civil competitions for camels throughout the year.

Al-Bashair Track for Arab Camels is a high honor for camel sports and the ancient Omani heritage

Al Bashair Camel Race Track was opened in 2016. It consists of a huge main stage that reflects the identity of the inherited heritage. The track is a 12 km race track equipped with the finest technical technology in the field of camel races. Al Bashair Track for Arab Camels by virtue of its geographical location among the tracks of camel races in the Sultanate is distinguished by providing all facilities and capabilities to hold races. Therefore, it is an appropriate site for training and qualifying racing camels. as the conscience and the owners are keen to visit and train their camels on its ground. There are great plans for developing this ancient heritage site, which is considered one of the achievements of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed– May ALLAH rest his soul.

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