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The drawing is thoughts and feelings, which the artist translates in a certain way

Award.Could you please tell us more about this painting and the idea of participating in this Award?
The idea of (Al Namoos) painting focused on the camel; I chose the front section of the camel to signify bravery and victory. The idea of the painting was inspired from the time of the end of the round in camel race;this period is the most exciting period in camel races. I made saffron a symbol of victory; this habit is known to camel owners.
What is the role played by the initiatives and platforms for supporting talented persons in different fields?
They play a great role by encouraging creativity, sharing and developing new ideas, working to find solutions to obstacles facing any talents, and providing trainers, experts, and specialists to support and cultivate the talent.

Do you have ambition to set up a personal exhibition soon?
I held my first visual exhibition after winning Oman Camel Arts and Literature Award in the (Opera Galleria) at the Royal Opera House in Muscat. It was a very successful experience and I thank everyone who contributed and provided me with the opportunity to hold this exhibition. I also participated in a student painting competition called (I love Oman) and I was ranked the second in the Sultanate. In addition, I participated in the students’ talent competition and I was ranked the first in the Governorate. I participated in many national and social events such as the National Day and the Omani Women’s Day and others.

Mobile Application & ERP
The world over, businesses and individuals alike are embracing the use of interactive applications on mobile devices. Our expertise in this area allows us to excel in mobile and tablet application development. Sometimes this requires integrating or interlinking different platforms such as the remote sites with the mobile apps.The PMI certified team from Webware LLC will manage the organizations information technology projects by adapting to the standard approach; primarily the planning, monitoring and controlling of the various project phases maintaining an equilibrium between the 3 most significant Project Management constraints- Time, Cost and Scope.

What would you say at the end of this interesting interview?
Thank you for this interview and for supporting me.

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