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May 7, 2020

The most promising talent in the camel world

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The visual artist Taibah Al-Junaibi the most promising talent in the camel world

Oman is rich with exceptional talents in various fields who convey their talents into achievements in local and international forums. Here, we are shedding the light on a talent navigated her way from the desert of Al-Wusta Governorate and on the beach of the Arabian Sea to paint by moving her fingertips the paintings that express her promising talent; she is Taiba Al-Junaibi.

Interviewer: Ahmed Nasser Al Junaibi

When creativity is merged with the surrounding environment, the talented artist is distinguished.

Could you please tell us about beginnings in the field of painting or visual arts?

It was a gift; I start painting since my early childhood as I conveyed everything my eyes would meet in my family house into small paintings that expressed by feelings towards my surrounding environment. Day by day, my hobby was developed into academic inclinations after finishing the secondary school. I started navigating my way towards these tendencies; I joined the Scientific College of Design to concentrate on this field and be creative.

What was the first visual painting you did for camels and when?
It was “Al Namoos “, the first visual painting in the field of camels. painted “Al Namoos” to participate in a competition held last year in April.

How have you developed your talent in visual art? What challenges have you faced?
I developed my gift by practicing the art in its finest detail, enjoying it, gaining experiences and more knowledge, in addition to keeping abreast of new modern artistic methods.I have never faced any challenges; the creative motivation and the pleasure of art are stronger than all the challenges.In addition, my family has a great role in supporting and refining this talent by constantly encouraging me to keep on.

Do you think the environment in which the artists live would affect their artistic orientations? What technical schools that interest you?
Yes, I do. The surrounding environment is an important source of inspiration for the artist in every time and place; the elements of the environment, in which the artist lives, become in harmony with the elements used in painting. The technical schools that I like are Abstraction and Realism.

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