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May 7, 2020

Successful conclusion of Hamraa Al Dorou 6th Festival for Camel Beauty

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Hamraa Al Dorou 6th Festival for Camel Beauty was concluded under the auspices of Dr.Mohammed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport in the presence of Sheikh Seif bin Himyar Al Malik Al Shahi , Governor of Al Dhahir . at the beginning of the seven-day festival , sheikh Hamad bin Matar al Darie , chairman of the organizing committee for the festival delivered a speech where he hailed the participation level and the diversity of the associated events and programs for the festival. He also praised wide participation by camel owners and trainers from the different Wilayats and GCC States.He added that the festival covers the different cultural , art and marketing fields through the cultural village and the diversified programs,The final day included two rounds. At the golden round for Laqaya, Rajwa owned by Mohammed Abdullah came first. Amajd owned by Hamad Khalfan al Maawali from Barka came second.At the gold round for Laqay, AL Dhiba owned by Khaid Rashid Al Darie came first and Mayasa owned by Said bin Ali Al Darie came second.At the end of the festival , the chief guest honored top winners and sponsors well as well as media men who covered that Festival.

Sharm El Sheikh Festival concluded

Sharm El Sheikh Cultural Festival was concluded in the presence of President Abdul Fatah El Sisi, Sheikh, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. The event included a parade for the Egyptian camel at the entrance of the camel track.More than 800 camels participated at the parade.The camels carried banners designed by the Bedouin of Sinai to welcome the President of Egypt and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi 84 U.A.E camel riders passed before the main dais of the Festival and presented Al Arda art, one of the cultural U.A.E arts.The parade started with a march of camel with camel riders on their backs carrying the flags of Egypt and U.A.E. This was followed by camel riders who are walking quickly while they are on camel back.The parade showcased the ability of the camel riders to get off the camel back and climb while the camels are running quickly.The Festival is held in cooperation between Egypt and U.A.E. The threeday festival included 30 rounds at which 25 tribes from the different parts of Egypt took place.The opening ceremony included a performance that showcased the skills of U.A.E camels in addition to tradition art performances by Areesh traditional art troupe in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture. This was followed by camel races.The event included an exhibition that was held in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity for displaying the manual products by 100 exhibitors from Egypt and U.A.E.