July 14, 2024
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May 7, 2020

Occidental Oman and Oman Camel Racing Federation

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Strategic support and partnership… Occidental Oman and Oman Camel Racing Federation.

The annual strategic partnership between the Oman Camel Racing Federation and Occidental Oman is an example of the social responsibility in supporting the camel sector in Oman. This agreement is a proof of the tangible and clear role through which Occidental Oman seeks to support and encourage the people of the oil concession areas to preserve the Omani heritage and develop the level of those
competitions and tracks in which they are held. This is the fifth consecutive agreement that includes Al Wusta, Ad Dhahirah and Ad Dakhiliyah governorates and supports the annual schedule of the camelracing program, which is organized by the Oman Camel Racing Federation.

Five years of partnership
Five consecutive years of tangible societal partnership that benefits community members in the oil concession areas. The contributions of Occidental Oman to support the people of these regions are numerous in all sports, social, health and other fields. This annual support and strategic partnership are represented by contributing to enhancing the camel sector in cooperation with the Oman Camel,Racing Federation.These contributions are represented in enhancing camel racing tracks and supporting racing points within the annual race schedule of the Oman Camel Racing Federation, which are held in the tracks of Al Wusta,Ad Dhahirah and Ad Dakhiliyah governorates.Owners, trainers and fans of camel in Oman await this support annually. This support has become an important part of their annual program in participation as it helps them to qualify their camels and meet other camel trainers and the best camels.This matter constitutes an economic movement that starts from buying and selling creating an active market for sales deals where camels constitute an annual source of income and help them to acquire strains of Omani camels.During the period of holding such races, the trade movement is clearly reviving in the region increasing the movement of transport and intertrade, as feed sales, camel supplies and other needs needed by racing camels owners.This support has contributed to raising the quality of these competitions in Oman and encouraged generations to preserve the Omani heritage. In 2014, the number of cars was 16, in 2015, it was 22 cars, in 2016, it was 22 cars,in 2017, it was 28 cars, in 2018, it was 28 cars and in 2019, the number of cars increased to 30 cars.

Development and Encouragement

This strategic partnership between the Oman Camel Racing Federation and Occidental Oman is a model of the development and modernization of the camel sector in Oman. It targets the camel sector in the oil concession areas that need care,attention and raise the efficiency of those races and tracks that host these competitions.The agreements concluded to develop Haima and Shalim tracks for camel races provide the people of the region with a location prepared well for the races and contributes to creating an appropriate environment for establishing camel farms. Camel tracks annually host many events held by citizens, which contribute to stimulating the trade movement.Oman is one of the most famous Gulf countries in the world of camel races to provide the best camels breed in racing field.The Omani government exerted much effort enhancing camel racing filed through Oman Camel Racing Federation,the Royal Camel Corps and Al Bashair Camel-Racing Track, where annual races are held in all governorates of Oman.