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May 7, 2020

Editor’s Corner

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Omani camels had witnessed great support and care throughout the
reign of the late Sultan Qaboos, may Allah have mercy on his soul. Since the dawn of the blessed Renaissance, the Omani camels have been enjoying great care and attention with the existence of the Omani Royal Camel Corps, the establishment of Al Fulaij Racing Track and the establishment of Oman Camel Racing Federation.

Ibrahim Bin Sulayem Al Junaibi
Editor in Chief

Omani camels in various fields have great achievements at the local
and regional levels, and the Omani camel trainer is considered as one
of the most achieving trainers who achieves many achievements in
the fields of camel racing in the Gulf. In 2016, the Sultanate hosted
the fourth Gulf Camel Racing Championship, which witnessed great

The Omani Federation for Camel Racing is the legal and organized camel

sport in the Sultanate

Oman Camel Racing Federation is the organizer of the came races in
Oman; it controls many of the camel tracks in the various governorates
of the Sultanate, in which a number of camel competitions are held,
encouraging citizens to preserve the authentic Omani breeds.
The Royal Camel Corps of the Royal Court Affairs oversees the
activities of the annual festivals and events for private camel races,
which comes as a tribute to the camel owners, trainers and fans,
where the festival stations visit the various governorates of Oman and
include all activities related to camel and trainers.

In 2014, Al-Bashaer Track for Arabian camels’ Department was
established under the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for
International Relations, Affairs and Cooperation and HM’s Special
Representative. The Department oversees Al-Bashaer Track for
Arabian camels and the activities held annually, such as Al-Bashaer
Festival for Arabian Camel Races and other events hosted by the track.
No doubt, the new Oman renaissance, under the leadership of His
Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, will continue to support the camel
sector for more achievements and development.